H1 approved but hiring delay

Once H1 (cap exempt) approved, how will the delay in hiring affect overall. Are there any legalities associated with not being hired immediately, and what will be the status? Will it affect the 60 day grace period?

There is a start date on the H1B approval notice. You can start the H1B job with the sponsoring employer any time after the start date.

60 days grace period is privilege that USCIS provides at their discretion, it not available by default.

Thank you. Will the delay in hiring be considered in those 60 days.

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What if I exceed 60 days grace period with H1B Transfer ?

Well, technically you are considered to be in valid status until you hit the 60 days grace period mark or expiration of I-94. Once you go past 60 days, your status is no longer valid and you are considered as ‘Out of Status’.

Let’s say you apply for H1B transfer and get the USCIS receipt on day 60, you can still start to work from day 60 and it will be fine, but if you do not have the receipt on 60th day, you are entering a tricky zone and you should talk to your attorney and decide. Ideally, the safest thing to do is leave and re-enter US. It is always recommended to go for premium processing, if available, in situations like these.