H1 and H4 at the same time?

My wife is holding h4 visa which is valid till sept 30 2015

We have applied for her H1 with another company and we are waiting for lottery result

  1. can I apply for her h4 extension along wih my h1 extension?

  2. what will happen if h4 extension get approved before oct 1st and then h1 get approved?

  3. what will be her status if h1 get approved first and then h4 extension? If it’s h4 then can we change that to h1 without going through new CAP?

4)If I did not apply for her h4 and if her h1 gets rejected after lottery selection ,can we do efiling to stay here in usa?
If yes, what is the procedure? Does my employer have to apply for her h4 extension or me?

  1. My son is also having same i94 as we have? Is it safe to apply for his extension with mine?

Guys please pour your expert advice!

Thanks in advance!