H1 and F1 - can they be processed in parallel.


I’m currently working in company A who is planning to file H1B for me this year and I’m planning to go for Master’s. My concern is that whether both the visa’s can be allowed to be processed parallely or would there be any issue of both getting cancelled.



I have the same doubt bro…did you get an answer? what did you do?

For H-1, the employer will file I-129 in April and once approved, you will appear for visa stamping.

For F-1, you need to find a school which will issue I-20 and you will then appear for F-1 stamping.

If you appear for F-1 stamping followed by H-1 stamping, it should be fine. Reversely, it could be an issue as H-1 is a dual intent visa while F-1 is a pure non-immigrant visa.