H1 Amendment RFE and H1 petion valid only till Sep 30th 2012


Iam in H1B EVC model, I got new job and my employer did new LCA and got approved. H1 amendment was submitted in premium processing and got RFE 2 weeks before. My employer is going to answer the RFE within few days. My questions are:

  1. Will my RFE will be reviewed under premium processing ? as it was filled in premium.

  2. What happens if its rejected. Still my old H1 petition is valid ? Can I work in old location under previous LCA ?

  3. Do I need to depart US once its rejected ?

  4. If rejected, Can I do H1 transfer using the old H1 petition ? as it valid till Sep 30th 2012 and I94 is valid till Aug 11th 2012 ?

Can you please reply me ASAP.Thanks in advance.



  1. Yes

  2. Yes

  3. No

  4. Yes