H1 Amendment in RFE Loc A- Apply for Amendment Loc B

My Original approved petition is for Location X and Company Y and its valid till Jun 2017.

But I traveled to Location A on Mar 20 2015 with LCA. In the month of Jun 2015, Company Y filed the H1 amendment for Location A. But the H1B amendment is is currently in RFE in month of March 2016.

Now Location A project is complete and got the confirmation from the other project for the same Company Y different Client for the Location B. I am going to initiate the H1 Amendment for Location B when the Location A Amendment is in RFE.

In this case will the Location A amendment be invalid automatically eventhough in RFE status. or Should I wait for approval on Amendment for Location A.

No need to wait for approval. File new amendment and withdraw the older amendment or respond to RFE stating its no longer required as you filed new amendment.