H-4 Transfer and Renewal

Hi All,

I had a valid H1B petition from employer A till Dec 2019.
My wife had a H-4 visa stamped first time from employer A till Dec 2019.

I changed my employer to employer B and H1B is valid till Sept 2022.
I asked my employer to change my wife H-4 visa to employer B. They suggested me, “Applying H4 visa at consulate will be faster”

I have travel plans to India, I have few questions regarding the suggestion

  1. Will it be drop box for H4 visa?
    2 Is H4 petition required for this as she has not received from my previous employer as it was first time stamping. Her passport was stamped with my previous employer H4 visa?
    3 Time Frame involved in doing this at consulate?

Yes, you could do dropbox, if you satisfy the general dropbox requirements. Check H4 Dropbox Experience 2019
No, she does not need approval. She just needs to carry your current H1B approval notice.
It should take week to 10 days, if all goes well.
Alternatively, few users mentioned that they were able to get their I-94 extended by traveling out of US. When you try to exit and re-enter US, share copy of the new approval notice of your spouse and they would issue your I-94 till end of the duration of the spouse H1B. You can discuss with your attorney on this and take decision.