H-1B visa for Law Clerks

Hello, i work as a law clerk at a law firm willing to sponsor me for the H-1B visa. As a law clerk, I would classify under the USCIS category of “Paralegals and Legal Assistants.” However, I don’t know what I should use as a job title, should it be “law clerk” or “paralegal” or another job title please?

Thank you so much in advance! we’re doing the process all by ourselves and they are not immigration attorneys so I am struggling a little bit.

H1B petition must be prepared and filed by your US employer and not the H1B beneficiary. Talk to your employer and have them hire an immigration lawyer to file the petition.

my employer does not want to hire an immigration attorney. We have to do it ourselves, that’s why i am desperately asking for advice on the job title it is recommended to put.