H-1B transfer to New company when RFE issued with current company

Hi Saurabh,

Here is my current situation, can you please help:


Current Status:


Valid visa stamped & I-94 with Company A till Sep-2015 H1B started from Oct-2012


Started H1b Transfer in Regular Process from Company A to Company B in Sep’13 and started working on Company B payroll for the last 4 months based on the Receipt # recieved from USCIS


Got RFE in Jan’14 (Don't know the valid reason for RFE) but Company B is going to respond now.


Now I got an fulltime offer with Company C who is willing to Sponsor H1B transfer, I  am worried about the RFE with Company B. Can Company C process my application in Premium process now? 


Can I apply for H1B transfer with Company C with Company B’s receipt # and Company A’s Approved H1b petition ? If not what other options I've now to go for company C.


Thanks in advance