H-1b processing

Hello everyone,
I needed some guidance. I am currently looking at employers for this years H-1b lottery. I am on a cap-exempt H-1b. I have travel plans to India in November. I have a few questions listed below:

  1. On an average, what is the processing time once H-1 gets picked up ?
  2. As far as the employer approves, can I travel to India in November from a legal standpoint ? I am assuming I will have to get an appointment for H-1b stamping before returning.
  3. My H-1 b was picked up in the lottery last year but got denied due to a delay in sending the required documents: my original lawyer unfortunately passed away and there was a delay in obtaining documents. Does a H-1b denial affect future applications?
    Has anyone been in this situation prior ?
    Thank you for the help!

If you are applying for cap-subject H1B, once picked in the lottery process, your employer should receive a notice to submit the petition. It can take up to 90 days for approval so you are looking at July-August for approval provided it is picked up in the first round. If not and there is 2nd round, it ma6 futher get delayed to September-November time frame.


I dont see any issues. Every attempt for H1B is evaluated independently of the past results.