H-1B filing delay after Registration Lottery Selection

I got selected in H-1 B lottery. It seems that selection happened in the second round as the result came last month only.

My petition was filed yesterday. My company says that USCIS may not consider it since it may be classified as delayed. My company is not sharing the registration letter (lottery selection letter) which should have the dates for submission.

Question is - what is the next course of action in case this petition is considered delayed?

Yes, you cannot file now. It had a strict timeline.
Unfortunately, you have lost your chance for this year. So, better luck next time…It is sad, but the harsh reality as it was not filed on time.

This is first time in history of H-1 B that lottery results are coming in second round. For example, I got my result communicated only on 4th November by my company. Does it mean that USCIS does not give even 7 days to file petition?

Are you sure that in cases of second lottery also, the same old timelines will apply?

Please see article below

Last date is 16th November for second lottery

I have updated with sample selection notice with dates for your info. Nov 16th was the last date.