H-1B - Dropbox appointment - 15 June

Hi Guys,
I have an upcoming dropbox appointment on 15th June (Mumbai) for my H-1B renewal.
Most experiences I have heard recently have been from NIE candidates.
My appointment is still valid. If they cancel it, how much time before will they notify me?
Are the consulates giving 221(g) to everyone who doesn’t fit the NIE criteria?
My wife has a GC, so I should be exempt from the recent presidential proclamation banning travel from India.
Question is, can I include any proof as part of the documents I submit for the dropbox?

Let us know how your appointment goes.

Mine is on 14th june. My kids are US citizen so I am exempted too but its hard to explain in dropbox. Let me know if you found a way to avoid 221g.

I decided not to travel to India due to the current uncertainty in the stamping process, plus the fact that I didn’t hear from anyone in the blogs whose situation is similar to mine.