H-1B approved. Return to the U.S. together with spouse possible?



I just felt the need to talk to you about a discussion that I had earlier today. As a reminder, I was approved a COS/ from F1 to H-1B, which would start on Oct 1st, 2012. I am currently outside the U.S., precisely in Cameroon, West Africa, and I will get married very soon, then plan on returning to the U.S. on late September with my then-wife. So I let someone know about it, but he warned that the process would not be so easy. He explained that even naturalized U.S. citizens who get married at home do not usually return to the U.S. with their spouses, and that the process lasts 6 months to 1+ year (supposedly to take time to check the spouse's information) before they grant the visa to the spouses. He told me that it was basically impossible to leave the U.S. with one's spouse, whereas I remember you [Saurabh] saying that "for H-4 stamping, your wife needs to complete the DS-160 form and then schedule for visa appointment at a US consulate in your home country, and then appear for interview. As long the person carries documents and information related to H-1 person, H-4 interview should be fine." Now, how often have you encountered cases of H-1B holders returning to the U.S. with their spouses? Are the person's words relevant, or is it just a common thing in ROW countries? Is there anything that I need to know? Thanks in advance for your help.



Many of the first time H1B workers are travelling to US along with their spouse and kids (H4). You need to have proper documents to prove your relationship, like original marriage certificate, wedding album, invitation letter, etc., during the VISA interview.