Guidence required on L1B to H1B by 2 employers


I have my L1 and I94 expiring in mid Spt this year. My current employer would be filign H1B for me. I have worked for 4 year in on L1 with current ecployer.

I would like to know

  1. Can another employer file H1B at the same time?

  2. If so, then can I wait to join another employer say Dec ?

  3. What would it need to cover the time i.e Sept as I wouldnt have any work status once my L1 and I-94 expires?

Appriciate any kind on help on this.

  1. Yes, Multiple H1’s can be filed, but from different employers

  2. Yes, provided its approved

  3. when is ur L1 Expiry?

Thanks RaNa. My L1 & I94 expiry is in sept 15 2014.