Green Card Query - H1 , L2


I’m working for a large US Corporate on L1B Visa, My wife has an L2 now and she is moving her status to H1 starting 1st Oct. 2016 with a Desi Consultant by doing a COS.

The advice I’m in need from experts here, what’s the method i can approach when coming to filing of the Green Card? Can i ask my L1 employer to do (or) the desi consultant whom my wife is starting her job in H1 to do it? Please advise, appreciate your response.



Both GCs may take a lot of time especially if you are from backlogged country like India. So it would be better to have both employers file it for you. This would give from flexibility to your wife to change jobs.

Thanks Saurabh. In my case being L1 and applying GC thru my employer , can i change Job when an I140 is approved (can i move to H1 if selected in lottery to another employer?)

While on L-1, you cannot change employer even if I-140 is approved.

Once you are on H-1, you have flexibility to change employers irrespective of whether I-140 is approved or not.