Green Card - how to provide entry and exit and visa type details


I was working on L1B Visa and My new employer ABC applied for My H1B Visa with COS. My H1B visa approved and issued my new I 94 effective from 1st Oct 2008,

My employer did not tell me that my H1B got approved b’cos market was bad in 08, I continued working on L1B till Feb 2009 and then my employer told me the new as my H1b approved and he has no openings. I left Inida for 1 week and reentered on L1B and after 3 months I left india. I stayed in India for 1.5 Years and then I got my H1B visa stamped (ABC company) and I came here worked for 6 months with ABC and left and joined XYZ company and worked 1 year with XYZ now they are applying my GC.

My question

  1. How it will impact my GC as I did not worked on H1B from oct 1st 2008 to Fec 2009.

  2. While provided entry and exit details how to declare the above duration, do i need to consider 1st oct to feb 2009 as H1B or L1B.