Graduate Course for Non IT MBA

Hi All,

I'm here in the US on a [b]H4 Visa[/b], with a [b]2 yrs work exp. in Finance; MBA- Fin[/b] from India. As you all know its impossible to get a job here without an IT background, I was looking around for courses that I can take up. Can somebody help me out with what graduate course I can take up? I was interested in a [b]MS - Computer Science[/b]. Will it be tough for me to take up such IT related courses without a prior IT experience?

Please help me out. I want to enroll this summers.

I can imagine, it can be hard. Some course on the lines of Mangament Information systems would be close to helping you use your previous education slightly…Typically, schools will ask you to take pre-requsities and complete them before you do the graudate classes. So, you can pick up, just going to take more time…if you have the flair and passion, you can do it… Dont just pick Comp Science because you will get a job and you will be under STEM category…You can pick a degree in MS Finance and do well to… Put all the options on plate and think about it closely…

Thanks Kumar! I enquired about a MS - CS and the Univ. told me that it would take close to 3 yrs to finish all pre-reqs and the MS and its not easy as well.
I had one more question. Does an University matter while changing immigration status (H4 to H1B) and stamping? As in, doing it from a renowned State School vis-a-vis from a Private Univ. ? I found the tuition to be comparatively low and getting through is easy as well.