Got receipt notice, now any chance to get rejected in adjudication or most likely to get approved?

Dear Friends,

I received Form I-797C, Notice of Action on May 6th mentioning my Receipt Number WACXXXXXXXXXX.

It says the receipt date April 13 and notice date April 24.

Now, what I understood is two major steps:

  1. They will adjudicate the whole petition. If everything goes well, they will issues me H1B approval with I-129.

  2. Then I need to fill up DS-160 and appear for the interview at US Consulate.

I have read the processing time of approx. 2 months.

So, when that time starts? from the receipt date or notice date or from the date when I got the information?

Please help me and also let me know what I understand above is correct?

Now, is there any chances that my petition get rejected by any reason??



Hi Sachin,

  1. Time starts from the notice date - which in your case is April 24. And although they say approx two months, but don’t get alarmed if it gets a little late. Most people would know whether their petition got approved by August.

  2. Once Petition is approved, you’ll get a I-797A (Notice of Action) which will tell you that you now have a valid work permit. You can then fill the DS-160 and go for stamping.

  3. If all your paperwork is solid, which you submitted at the time of filing the petition - there’s very less chance that you’ll not get a work permit. Just the papers need to be completely in order.

All the best man!