Got picked in the lottery thrice by different employers. What are the pros and cons? Please help

I applied in 3 agencies (employer) then got picked by all of them in the lottery. But I can’t decide which agency to pursue. Im worried if this would affect the issuing of visa by the USCIS. And do I have to pay the other 2 employers that filed my petition?

Paying for visa is illegal. You may want to wait for approval. Just getting picked in lottery doesn’t guarantee that you will be approved.

Wouldn’t this affect the issuing of my visa? Having 3 employers?

How about the payment for the attorney and everything? Do I have to repay them for that?

You can have as many employers applying for you as you want to, and have all of them approved. It is only that one employer should not apply 2 petitions on behalf of you, to increase your chance in the lottery, this would be called duplicate.

The employer should not take any money from you, what so ever. So you are not obligated to give out anything. Don’t pay money, it is illegal.

But the thing is I signed a contract under them. Would that complicate the situation? How bout the attorney’s fee for filing the visa? Do I have to pay that to them?

No contract these guys make you sign, holds good in the court of law. They cannot take you to court for not paying for H1B, when paying for H1B is federal offence in the first place. Don’t pay a single penny, you are not obligated to. According to law, H1B is completely at employer’s expense. The beneficiary (you) can only pay for premium processing.

They use such contracts to threaten and extort money from you. Just ignore them, they will fall silent eventually.

Is that okay even if I don’t pursue that employer? They can’t make me pay for filing my petition? They are actually recruitment agencies that would assign us to a certain hospital. I am a Medical technologist by the way.

Yes, it is completely ok to do that. In case you get all the 3 approved. You can pick and choose, whom you would like to join and ignore the other two.

Alright. Thank you so much for this. But just in case, where can I get a legal proof/reference that it’s illegal for them to make me pay the filing of petition (attorney’s fee, etc)

hello!!! i’m going through the same thing. i signed with 2 different agencies and 'm so worried about the fine that i’m gonna have to pay if i withdraw? should we wait to be approved with one?