Got I797 approval for H1B but employer backing out


The employer who had filed for my H1B came back today stating that the client they had ties with have not renewed their contract and therefore they could not send me the papers for the visa stamping. He informed me that I need to look for another employer who is willing to transfer my H1B petition and send me the required documents for visa stamping. He said he is also looking out for one for me; but I doubt he will. He emailed me a scanned copy of the approved I797. What can I do in this situation? The H1B was picked up thru the lottery system.

Appreciate your help.


Atif Mohammed.

Find another employer and have cap-exempt petition filed through them. Once approved, appear for stamping through new employer and travel to US to work for them.

If you find another client through current employer, then can file new LCA and H-1 amendment and then appear for stamping.

Thanks a lot Saurabh. Will there be a fee that I need to pay for the H1B transfer?

It will be a new petition which is not subject to cap. The employer will have to pay same fees as any regular H-1 petition. They will be subject to $4000 additional fees if they have more than 50 employees and >50% of them are on H-1 and L-1