Got H1B with Start Date Oct-1, 2013. Can I Travel to US on B1?

Hi, I got H1B approval and with Start Date Oct-1st, 2013. Currently I have B1 Visa. My new employer wants me to come to US for 2 months on B1 visa. Can I travel to US on B1 now and return back in September-2013 and apply for H1B Visa stampling? Does it cause any problems in future/H1B Visa interview? Please help.

Yes, this can be done.

B-1 trips are closely monitored these days. So make sure you have valid reasons to trave on B-1 and do not stay more than few weeks. You may be asked about your B-1 trip when going for H-1 interview. As long as you have the correct documents and didn’t misuse B-1, you should be fine.