Got H1b but have questions on dependants

Thank you for the information posted in your site.

I have my H1b approved and need to get my visa stamped soon.


My understanding is that spouse and kids will have H4 visa stamped in their pps and I must get seperate appointments for all.


Since I have to pay for the visa fees myself,I have few doubts-

a) Is the cost of visa fee for H1b and H4 the same?

b) Is there any difference in cost of H4 visa for the spouse and kids or is it the same ?

c) Can all of use get the apppointment date for stamping in US consulate on same day?


Thanks much in advance.



Hi Stancy007,

You have to fill seperate ds-160 form’s for you,your spouse and kid.

after accuratelty filling and submitting the DS-160 form ,go ahead pay the fees for everyone in single transaction(if doing by NEFT)

H1 and H4 fee cost are same.if your pay through NEFT transfer,receipt no of the transaction will be automatically updated in ustraveldocs site,after that you have to pick a date for stamping appointment and go for stamping with your family.

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