Got h1b 221g(yellow slip), have H4 valid until 28May2018, Can I still travel to US on H4?

Hi All,

I had traveled to USA on H4 in 2016. I then applied for H1B in Jan 2017 as change of status and got approved. I then traveled to India in Nov 2017 and appeared for my 1st H1B stamping where I was issued 221g Yellow slip. I appeared for interview on 20th NOV 2017 and its 13 Jan 2018 today but I haven’t received my approval yet.

I still have my H4 stamp valid until 28 May 2018. My questions are as below

  1. Is my H4 visa still valid as I had applied for change of status to H1b in US last year and will I be able to travel to usa before 28 May 2018?

  2. What will happen to my 221g form if I travel on H4 now? Will this be automatically rejected?

  3. Will there be any problem at immigration due to this 221g pending if I travel on H4?

  4. After coming to USA on H4, can I again file for change of status from H4 to H1 through same employer or through different employer?

  5. Let’s say if my 221g is approved after coming to USA, Can I come back to India to submit the documents and get the H1b stamped?

  6. Can 221g be withdrawn after coming to USA on H4?

  7. What if my 221g get refused, is my H1B still valid and can be transferred to a different employer?

Any response to above questions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.