Got FTE offer but my PD is July 2011 in EB2 I

Hi, I am working as contractor on H1 B since 2009 and I got an FTE offer from my client. My employer filed for my GC and my PD is July 2011. Coupld of weeks ago my employer had sent for my three H1 extension. If the client hire me before I receive my three extension and do you think my employer revoke my H1 visa and also GC that was processed so far. My employer is not a desi company. How to work with employer so that I may not losse my Priority date. Do you think its good to accept the offer or be with my contracting company. Thank Roomie

Is your I-140 approved or just the PERM?

Yes, I-140 is approved and I have a copy of approved I-140 with me.

You need to talk to an attorney about this, but here is my take.

The new employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you and submit copy of approved I-140 to get 3 year extension. They can have it filed w/ PP, so that you get a quicker result.

They can also start the GC process for you and can port the priority date from previous employer as you have an approved I-140. The job needs to be similar to what you are doing currently.

Hi Saurabh, Thank you so much for your suggestions/inputs. Could you please let me know what exactly I need to discuss with my attorney. Regards, Roomie

You should ask them if you can take up the new offer and maintain your PD. You will have to show him the job requirements for the approved PERM and the job requirements for the new position.

Thank you Saurabh for your suggestions. Regards,Roomie