Got B1 with 2yrs fake+3yrs acutal work exp(filled in DS160), Can i remove 2yrs fake while applying for h1b (DS160)


I was issued a business visa(B1/B2) last year, where i had filled in DS160 form with 3yrs original work experience.+ 2years fake exp to fill gap between my education and job(Now this company was listed as fake in google also)

Now, I’m going to apply for h1b with only genuine experience, so i don’t want to fill my fake work experience which i earlier used as work exp while applying for B1.

will there be any chance of getting my h1b rejected during interview/any phase of h1b process.?

if they ask about gap between education and job what should i answer?

if they compare my previous DS160 details with current one and asks me why this company is not mentioned now? what should i answer?

if they asks me about what were you doing at gap between education and job? what should i answer?

Please help me in clearing my doubts/queries above… It really helps me to take the decision to apply h1b or not to

THANK YOU :slight_smile:

Answer truthfully going forward. Yes they will have access to old DS form and I cannot say that they will do the comparison or not.

It is ok to have a gap between education and first job. You can mention personal reasons, job search etc whatever the correct reason was.

If they ask about fake work experience then you are in trouble. Do you plan to lie?