Got an RFE for H1b applied in cap-exempt quota through premium processing


I applied for H1B  through one of the consultants in cap-exempt quota(had an already approved petition) & on checking the status todayin USCIS site it was shown as RFE(Request For Evidence). I have already spoken to the consultant's attorney about this. They said that they would be getting fax information stating the reason for RFE.[b] My question is what are my chances of getting my H1B petition approved from an RFE stage. [/b]The consulting company is a small to mid-sized company with some 500-1000 employees. Heard decent reviews about it from employees working there hence applied. They said they would be applying my H1B for an in-house project as I am currently on a H4 visa & do not have authorization to work in US.

Any response at the earliest would be highly appreciated.

Chances depend on your case. You cant generalize it. Just wait, till you know what they have asked. It all depends on what they have asked and what you respond to it with.

My RFE was saying that “the passport details & I94 details weren’t clear enough”. We will be responding to this query very soon. Does it mean that USCIS has already verified all the other documents that were sent & okay with it like everything else is in place for my H1b processing but for this? As in if there are multiple reasons for an RFE will it all be listed together in a single RFE or is there any possibility of me getting another one?

Appreciate any immediate expert advise on this.

jobhunter, Any updates on your application yet?