Got 221g white as one of previous visa was cancelled without prejudice


I attended interview at Delhi and in Ds-160 form I did mentioned that my B1/B2 visa was cancelled without prejudice. VO inquired about it and issued me 221g white form without asking any further documents. Question:

  1. Some of the forums mentioned that if visa is cancellend without prejudice then I need not to mention it. Is that true?

  2. VO told me to wait for two weeks time and took my passport and i797. What are chances?


  1. Yes, as that visa was not refused or rejected you need not mention it in DS form. However, I don’t think this would have triggered the 221g.

  2. No one can guess. You will have to wait.

Thanks for your reply Saurabh.

There is one specific question in DS-160 which asks Has your US visa ever been cancelled or revoke?

I guess its different from refused. BTW there is separate question in DS-160 asking if Us ever been refused etc. which I answered no.

Apologies for my limited knowledge but in case if I don’t mentioned it the way I did…dont you think it could have assumed hiding a fact as technically visa was cancelled!

Thanks you so much!

I see your point. You are correct in mentioning Yes to that question as it’s better to err on the side of caution. Still I don’t think it would have been the cause for 221g. Have they asked for any documents from you?

No documents asked. At the time of interview she asked couple of regular questions which I answered and she suddenly stuck on my previous visa [B1/B2] cancellation and she asked if it was cancelled bcoz I overstayed!! I told her that its cancelled without prejudice [It was cancelled when hyd consulate issued me L1].

Just to give you background; I used only L1 visa to enter US and later got COS to H1. So I actually maintained my status in US only on L1 and H1. And as far my knowledge is concerned even in petition you supposed to mention beneficiary’s previous stay in US [If any!] and on what type of Visa. No sure if she referred to that info else she would know that B1/B2 was never used by me.

But she wasn’t convinced and and told me to go to another window and wait for instructions. Finally I got 221g white form Indian staff who crossed it [no further documents required], wrote case number took my passport and i797 and told me that it’ll take two week to conclude this process.

Now its almost a week and no status update so far and no communication.

Fingers crossed!!

They might be doing check to ensure B-1/2 wasn’t misused. They are coming down heavy on B-1/2 visa users and often closely scrutinize it when person stays in US for several months or overstays.

It seems you never made use of that B-1/2 visa. So in the end, the decision may be in your favor.