Got 221g stating refusal for not providing NIE. What to do next?

Hi all,
I had submitted my H1B application via dropbox in Chennai, but without NIE letter. After a month, I got my passports back, with a 221g white slip saying that: I should submit an explanation for National Interest Exception, or give reason if I am exempt from Presidential Proclamation 10199, or resubmit passport after PP 10199 is removed.

What should I do next? Do I just walk in to any embassy, when the conditions are met? Do I have to go to same Consulate or can go anywhere in India? Or do I have to book a new appointment altogether?

Please help.

You will need to submit NIE approval via email to the consulate processing your visa. If approved you will need to provide the email to the consulate and request to process your visa. If they accept, they will email you to submit your passport.

Below are some resources on this forum to help you out.

Ok. In case, I choose to submit after Presidential Proclamation is removed, do I have to book an appointment again, or can I just walk-in to the consulate?

Once the PP is withdrawn, consulate should start sending emails to all who were issued 221g due to PP. You can then go ahead and submit your passport. Keep an eye on your email once PP is lifted.

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