Got 221g in H1B Visa at Mumbai Consulate. Who has to mail the documents? Petitioner/Self?

I went for visa interview at Mumbai Consulate on 5/May/2017.

Once I entered it took around 15min to come out. Out of which 10min were completely dedicated to interview. 

Following are the questions and answers between me and visa officer (VO) .

VO: your passport and I797?     ME: ****

VO: Who is your petitioner?     Me: ****

VO: for how long you are working with your petitioner?     Me: ****

VO: what will be your salary in us?     Me: ****

VO: who is your client?      Me: ****

VO: where office..??    Me: ****

VO: what type of work you will be doing there?     Me: ****

VO: Are you married?     Me: ****

    Then she took a white slip..  put ticks on that...And asked to share all the required documents on email.

Then she handed over that white slip, my passport and I-797.  


1‌. Copy of petition, I-129,  and LCA    2‌. Copy of employment contract or letter of  agreement signed by you and your petitioner     ‌3. Detail description of the project to which you will be assigned.  Includes a complete technical description of the project,  employer, time-line, current status, number of employees assigned, worksite location and marketing analysis of the final product.     4‌. A complete itinerary of services or engagements (including both internal and Client projects ) that specifies the date of each service,  the name and address of the actual employers, and the name and address of the location where the service will be performed for the duration of the petition 

Could someone tell who is supposed to mail these documents? Me or the Petitioner?

My petitioner is ready to share the required documents with me but I am confused if the documents are supposed to be mailed by petitioner or me.

The employer only… however white slip is cosmetic one, this shouldn’t be a problem