Got 214(b) while H1B stamping help


Hey guys, I need some help. I work for a reputed company in US and came to India for visa stamping (changing status from F1 to H1B) at US Embassy at Delhi. My interview was on Nov 16 and everything went fine. I was told my visa has been approved and I will get my passport within few days. I got my passport on Nov 21 with no visa on it but a 214 (b) notice in it. Online status shows admin processing but the last updated is Nov 16. How common it is to get 214 (b) after a successful H1B interview? Also I read in many places that H1B is exempt from 214(b), so I’m really confused guys. I have contacted the lawyers but everyone is away due to Thanksgiving. Please help.


Yes, it is exempt as you do not have to prove that you will need to come back…Usually, it is not very common to get 21(b) for H1B visa stamping . I suggest you work with an attorney on this and pursue it. I saw something on that says they overcame it…