Going to India for stamping. What are my chances of not getting stuck?


I am working as a consultant for a small consulting company but is the prime vendor of the client. My status recently got changed from F1 to H1b and now I have to go to India in December. I have heard many stories of consultants getting stuck in India by the US consulate and/or even revocation of their H1b visas.

I haven’t heard any recent stories in the past 2 to 3 months. Can anyone tell me what are my chances of not getting stuck and can get through the stamping hassle free. Also what will be the best documentation set to show.

Much Appreciated,


From your username I am guessing that you have a Muslim name. So there are 2 things you need to watch out for:

  1. Background check (pink slip). You cannot do much to avoid this and its the officer’s discretion.

  2. Administrative processing. This is mainly related to your employment. You need to carry documents/information related to your client/project including client letter, MSA, SOW, employer-employee relationship, org hierarchy etc.

Chances of approval vary from case to case.