Going to India after applying H1 on STEM OPT


Currently i am on STEM extension which is valid till June 2017 and my H1B petition got picked in the lottery under regular processing. My questions are:

  1. can i go to India in August 2016 on STEM and re-enter on the same status by the end of August

  2. If my H1 is approved, can i re-enter on F1 status by the end of August

Thanks in advance

  1. Yes, you can leave and re-enter on F-1 visa and continue to work on OPT

  2. Yes, you can still do that

Remember, if your H-1 is still pending and you leave US, then your COS is abandoned. Your status will remain F-1 even after H-1 gets approved. You will have to enter on stamped H-1 visa or apply for separate COS.