Going for L1B blanket with a new passport


I visited US last year on a B1 visa, came back and got a new passport made as I added a surname (old passport had first name unknown/FNU).

I am planning to apply under L1B blanket through my company with new passport and have a few doubts:

  1. Do I carry both my new and old passports to consulate?

  2. Do you suspect any problems arising out of the fact that I have changed my name?

  3. Is my B1 stamped on old passport that stands cancelled now, still valid?

Thanks in advance!

Dear Guyinbir,

1- Yes you should carry both the passports to consulate

2- There would be no problem on account of change in name. ds 160 form asks about it.

mention it properly while filling the form

3- Yr B1 visa is still valid. unless cancelled by consulate it will remain valid