Going for First time H1B Stamping In Canada (or) India

Hi All,

I Came to US on H4 and applied for a H1b last year april.After getting the H1b before october i applied for a H1b Transfer(If you never worked for employer A, if it is your first job , you don’t even need paystubs.So, it was easy for me to get transferred ) with another employer and got it approved .

S0, my first job was with employer B and i started working from November in an EVC model. My vendor and client are most reputed organisations in US.

So, i have only 3 months exp on H1b and i have a family emergency.So, i need to go to India in the month of April/May/June.

I didn’t do my masters in united states.But, i have 4 years work exp in India and 3 months in US . Can i go for first time H1b Stamping in Canada (or) India ?

If i can go to Canada , is it advisable with only 3 to 4 months pay stubs ?

My employer,client and vendor approved leave and they don’t have any issues in me going to india (or) canada . I have pay stubs on time and i have the EVC relationship papers, Sow and everything.But, my employer A didn’t even revoke my visa yet.

Please help me out.Any advice would be greatly appreciated .Thank You!

For the 1st time stamping, it is always recommended to go to home country. You can still go to CA, but you carry the risk of being issued 221g or interview not being conducted and asked to attend in home country.

What is your H-1 attorney suggesting about interview in CA?

I don’t know my H1b attorney saurabh. The employer who filed told me to go to Canada (or) India as per my wish.

The short work tenure will not be a problem. What can be a problem is that you are in EVC model. This problem is present in both CA and IN, but as you haven’t done Masters in US, the officers in CA may decide to not interview you.

If you want to take a risk, then you can go to CA for stamping and if runs into issues then head to India for stamping. Just be prepared for various outcomes if you go to CA for stamping.

You can search online for recent stamping experiences in CA for people working in EVC model. That can also provide some pointers.

Can you please share your experience of canada stamping. I’m in the same situation like yours.