Going as L2 first then transfer the L2 to H1B ?

I have got picked in lot for H1B this year. Same time my spouse has got L1 and will be moving in June. So should I go as L2 first then transfer the L2 to H1B or wait and go on H1B?

If I go as L2 ,for H1B transfer , the stamping will be in US or India ?

You have 2 options:

  1. Get H-1 visa stamped in India and then travel to US to work on H-1. In this case, you cannot enter US on H-1 until Sep 20 and even then your H-1 employer should support your move as they need to pay the salary once in US

  2. Get L-2 visa stamped and travel to US with your spouse. Once in US, apply for COS from L-2 to H-1 and start working on H-1 once it is approved. No need for immediate stamping. Next time you travel outside US, you will have to get H-1 visa stamped in order to return and work on H-1.

Cool thanks for the response.The second option is safe ?

Yes, it is a better option among the 2 as it doesn’t involve immediate H-1 stamping.