given name in ds 160 - too long name with more than 30 letters

Hi Guys

Kindly clarify whether it is possible to enter more than 30 letters in the given name option in the DS 160 form.Iam facing problem as iam going for h1b visa stamping along with my famliy.

My elder son name in the passport is too long around 33 letters and contain some spaces in between.

But when i entered the same in DS 160 form i could not show the spaces and took the printout of the confirmation page.

Today went for OFC hyd document submission,but they objected my eldersons name in passport which contain spaces and not in ds 160.

Can anybody give the solution for this

thanks in advance for all the help


Please check this question,

Also, [](

Also, you should call the customer service or email consulate, they will be able to help you.