Getting the actual H1B Visa sticker for your passport?


I am waiting to hear back from USCIS for my H1B application. I am currently under an E-2 visa and if I get approved my status will change from E-2 to H1B. However, I will not have the actual visa sticker in my passport. My question is: In the event I am approved, I was wondering if any body knows how I can get the actual visa sticker that goes into my passport? Do you send your passport do USCIS? Do you have to apply for a visa through a US consulate in another country? I would appreciate any help. Thank you!

i guess until you visit another/home country to get it stamped, your passport wont contains any stamp. incase while you are travelling out of the country you might need to share your I94 (from approved 797). i assume your H1 is with COS.