Getting ready for H1B result while thinking about H4

Dear Saurabh,

Hope everything is well in your end. My husband got selected for H1B lottery(Regular Processing) and got receipt. I have some questions about ongoing process.

  1. What will happen if his H1b get rejected .

  2. His OPT expires on July092013,Will we be in problem if we got rejection after his

OPT finishes? I am ready to transfer him as my dependent (I am in my H1B) but I am worrying if there is time limit which we need to be aware of or will give us problem.



  1. Then he will remain on his current visa status until its expiration date

  2. He will remain on OPT until July 09, and will then have 60 day grace period. He gets 60 day grace period from OPT expiration date during which he can file for H-4 COS. However, an easier way is to upgrade the petition to premium processing so that you know the result in time and can take appropriate actions.