Getting H4 visa stamping, visa expired, but have valid petition


I am currently in US and on H1B visa. My H1B visa on my passport is expired. I changed my employer and now I have a I-797 approved till Aug 2017. Recently I received new passport as well (thru SFO Indian consulate).

Now my wife would like to travel to India, even visa on her passport is also expired and it is understood that we have to get the visa stamping done while coming back.

  1. If I am not traveling with her, will there be any issues/problem for her getting the h4 visa stamping ?

  2. As I said earlier, I received new passport - reason is, name correction (name split), but still my SSA/DMV records are not reflected with name split. Will there be any problem with that ?

Thanks in advance…

Your not travelling with her will not be a issue.

She has to carry new I 797 and relevant documents

Normally in wife’s interview husband passport copy is not asked. but visa copy if applicable is asked

Thank you so much for your response.