Getting H1B stamped for 1st time outside home country

Hi Members,
Can someone clarify this for me, given the current Covid-19 situation in India and routine visa process suspended, is it possible for an Indian citizen to get visa stamped for first time stamp at a US Embassy/Consulate in another country where routine visa process has started. Kindly please advise.
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Well, technically yes, if they allow. Many counties do not allow third country national stamping. But, if they allow like in Mexico and Canada for certain cases, you can give it a try. You need to be aware that, if there are issues, they may ask you to come back to your home country. So, plan for backups.

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Thank you Kumar ,

I am thinking of getting it done somewhere in the middle east or south east Asia, I check the embassy website and they say allow third country national stamping.

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It is your discretion, you can give it a shot, but be prepared for everything. If you do end up going out, do update your status here for community benefit.