Get work visa in US and change my current employer

Hi There,

I have few questions about the L1 visa temporary assignment to US. Currently im on L1 visa in US. Can you help me with the following questions?

How can I get a job in US. I’m not in to software field.
Should I have to change my visa after getting a job?
Do i need to inform anyone about my change of job? either to the current employer or USCIS?
Should I have to travel back to india and complete exit formalities of my current employer ?

Looking forward for your reply.

  1. You are currently with L1 visa. For getting a job out side of your company, you need to have work permit(H1B or relevant visa). with or for getting visa/job in usa, you can approach any consultancies/ MNC’s or other companies.

  2. If you are expecting with in your comapny, then L1 is good enough. if you are trying out side your company, then you need H1B or relavant.

3.Don’t inform to current employer because you are on L1. While filing H1b petitioner will update about auto status update.

4.Not really. It depends on your travel out side USA.

This information is w.r.t my knowledge. You can check with experts for more information if required.