Get filled for H1 as a student OR get filled as a student on CPT

I have one employer ready to sponsor my H1B next year in April in any of the following situation. I am on F1 now attending a school. Which one will be the best option for me for a better chance to get my H1 approved ?

1st option - Getting filled for H1 while being a student and not working on any CPT

2nd option- Getting filled for H1 while being a student but working with employer on CPT

Out of the two option, which one will add to my chances of getting approved next year for H1 ?

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Either of the options should work for you. But the matter of fact is you will be applying with most recently completed degree.

You will be applying for a H1-B with COS.

Thanks Rahul for your helpful comment. What is COS ? You are right that both option should work for me but I was wandering which one has more chances of getting approved ?

Also I wanted to inform you that this is my 2nd masters. One is already done 2 years ago.

COS = change of status. This is applied when you want to change your status from say F-1 to another status like H-1 w/o needing to leave the country for visa stamping.