Genuinity of Penmark solutions for h1B Sponsorship

Hello Guys,

Has anyone interacted with Penmark Solutions. They have posted on linked in regarding providing fresh H1b sponsorship.They are quoting around 4000$ to file the application.

I would appreciate if anyone has any information about them being legit.

There response is pretty bad, you are angel till the time you give them money.

Once the money is in their hands, they do not pick calls.

No direct clients/in house projects… they tell they have all but in reality they do not have staff to market the resume at first place.

their office in New jersey and Ahmedabad is for money laundering.

Please validate the genunity of their offices in New jersey and Ahmedabad and the compnay registration numbers…

Their office in Ahmedabad is Single bedroom flat with internet browsing services.

Typical gujju office… cannot trust this guys…

you can go for other companies if possible, not my preference going through this company.

Your experience with Penmark can be one of these…

Pls join H1B aspirants whatsapp group

I can add you, msg on +81-8079901899 or PM me

Is this a valid number - 8079901899? I got a message failure


Penmark solutions is a very profession company with good client rate. i have been on h1b through penmark and am working with one of their clients with good pay rate. Pls do not spoil company reputation with false allegations.

I agree.I have been through their ahmedabad office. its in residential apartment. they have asked me whopping 10,000 dollars to file the case. I’ve simply denied. then they started bargaining and made 8000 dollars. I’ve again denied and left. they start calling me everytime with new amount. its simple… DO NOT TRUST

hi I have lost my money too
please write to me on

This is totally not true! pls don’t believe this comments posted by competitors.

please never make a mistake of giving money to these bastards, the cheated me of my money and dint file my application, Tejas is in US-NJ and his other cheat Karthik Shah is in Gujarat, it is a big time cheat… i have filed a compliant as well in India unfortunately India Police dint act.

I can give proof of their cheating if any of you want.


I came in contact with this company being a consultant. Harry was polite and explained me all the things clearly according to my profile and got me C2C for remote project… Thanks Penmark for being genuine!!!

Hey thanks Penmark Solutions for getting me my projects within 5 days of consulting time. Cheers