Genuinity of Heightsit for H1b sponsorship

Why should I share my personal number in public forums…??? What benefit will I get??

Already management is sharing my number to the candidates…Boss I have family…and my personal work. If you more Interested, then ask the management to share the number for the people who have applied last year…otherwise look in for other consultancy. I can also think that you might me from some other consultancy who is very jealous of Heights Terms and condition…Anyway ALL the best! and Good bye from this forum.

Dear Rajsekhar, Please dont get angry. Since H1B involves lakhs,we are concerned about digging into more info abt this consultancy…from many days searching for person who actually got thru with these guys and their genuinity. They are saying they will return the amount if H1B is picked in lottery…is it true ? I searched many consultancies, they say one word before taking money and changes after that so very worried. Please help us with some information

looks Rajashekar responce is not genuine. he would help us , if he had gained visa really. there is not point of getting angry. careful guys!!
guys , Any one please share me any genuine consultancy , if you are confident and applying for the same.

Rajsheker responce is

Mr. Rajashekar - r u mad ? please dont talk like as if you are the one and only person who has family… we are asking so much questions just bcz we dont want to end up in needless disturbances. Our questions are genuine and if you are not willing to share ur contact number, we are fine and that is your privacy.
All we seek is a handle in that consultancy. tats it and not more than that !!
guys - we are on our own now and its high time to make some wise decision… I have some of my friends who is staying in texas and I have already asked for some reference for the same consultancy … will update as soon as possible once i get the info…

That is well appreciated ksvel :-). We will wait for your update.

I found this :

this guy whose linkedin profile u have shared, seems to be the one of the owner of this consultancy

Guys,they told me that they are located in Trichy,TN & and they will return only 1500-1700 $ back if it not picked in lottery .last year i applied with other consultancy and i got the full amount 4375$ back.and don’t know y they 'll keep more than half amount for processing charges.guys think twise before applying through Heights.

What is the name of the consultancy through which you appled last year?

I also got call from them. Any update about this consultancy? Can we trust them ?

did anyone got the information of the Heightsit consultancy. How far we can trust this? any one who have alaredy went to US with this consutancy? Please Please answer my query.

Hi guys, please Please please let me know if anyone has got the information about the heights. How far we can trust these guys. It is not about the money, but it is the matter about the time and life. any case if it is not genuine our whole one year time will be gone and also at the same time our confidance level also will be gone. So please let us know asap.

Below are the inputs from my friends :

  1. Started just one year before
  2. Number of clients are fewer less when compared to other consultancy (could nt find hw many are big firm or hw many in number)
  3. Reason for charges : for IT $4000 and for non-it $4500. Actually for H1B visa, they should charge only $2250 and remember in case of refund they will refund around $1600-1700 (as per US norms)but they are charging $4000 which means directly we are giving them $1750. For further information please refer "Additional fee for certain H1-B column :
  4. My friends are so much concerned about getting refund because renowned consultancy with proper agreement itself takes long time (that too with constant follow up) and here we are not getting any bond/agreement as such so we need to think a lot before proceeding.
  5. IMPORTANT : Please post all your questions - whatever strikes in your mind so that I can ask the same to the reference (which I’ll getting not more than 3 days) in one shot.
    will update if I get any info and yell if I miss any.
    Seriously folks - end of the day its all the individuals decision. I am literally pissed off man. In order to get a visa(not only US , Australia as well), People are using us like an ATM.

Today also i got the call from this consultancy for final confirmation…i told them not interest…i’m not ready to loose 1700$ if it not picked …friends think twice before taking any decision.

HI All,
Anybody got any more information regarding HeightsIT.

Hi All,
i got the from FB. Trying to connect with more people to know about Heights. Will post if i got anything from them…

Hi All,

Please let us all know if you have got any information about Heights IT.
I spoke to them and got the following info :
4000$ total expense
If rejected in lottery, would refund around ~1600$ which means remaining ~2400$ is wasted!
Provide free guest house accommodation once landed in US and until the candidate finds a client
4000$ will be refunded after 3 months of working in USA
They say they apply 1 LCA per candidate and we get the tracking number thru which we can be sure that they have actually applied for us and they don’t say it was rejected without even applying (How to believe this?)
The CEO is Jaya Ganesh Kannan, checked his profile in LinkedIn. He is working for SAP

Is there any way that we can make sure they actually apply our VISA and don’t bluff that it was rejected and eat away our hard earned money?

Not sure buddy…everyone is on same boat, we are not getting proper info from them.
Its better to get names from them who processed last year from them and meet them in person.

I had asked Sindhu from Heights IT to give me some references who applied last year. Its been more than a day and she has not yet got back