Genuinity of Heightsit for H1b sponsorship

Hello Guys,

Has anyone heard about Heightsit. They have posted on linkedin regarding providing fresh H1b sponsorship. I would appreciate if anyone has any information about them being legit.



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Im looking for the same Please help me out if you hany additional information

They are asking for total $ 4.5K for H1B processing.But if your application is not selected in lottery they will refund $1700-1800 only and rest amount would be consumed :frowning:

Hi Nil007,

Thanks for the reply. Have you filed H1 through them. I just want to make sure that they will file my H1 for sure.

No…Even I am searching & looking for some consultants for this year.But chances of losing $2.7K would be a big risk for me. :frowning:

Yeah…Thats a huge amount. There is a consultancy called Splendtek. They are offering for much lesser rate.

Rates are fine as long as they promise to refund them incase application not selected in lottery.BTW can you give me the contact details of this consultancy?Will they sponsor candidates from India ?


I am concerned whether they will file the H1 properly becuase they don’t have any rank in

I have applied my H1B through Heights and I got approved…They explain end to end information for all the process… They even share the lawyer details and have good end clients too. They place me to a client for 120$ on C2C in US…I am very happy and also would like to refer many…

Thanks Rajsekhar10. Thank you so much for this information.

Hello Rajsekhar, can u pls tell me success rate for this consultancy and does they have clients from Electrical background ?


Has anyone else started H1B through HeightsIT for Y2015.

Hi Harsh, these people have started filing H1B last year onwards as per my research on web.But not sure about their pay and success rate and how they take care of applicants before and after onboard

Hi All,
Has anyone else started H1B through HeightsIT for Y2015.?

For me they are asking for total $ 4000 and 1600$ will be refunded if not selected in the lottery. Did any one started the process? If so we can be in touch. My mailId: nareshb1122 at yahoo dot com

Hi All,
For me they are asking for total $ 4000 and 1600$ will be refunded if not selected in the lottery. So ideally they are taking 2400$ which is too high compared to other consultants.
Also this is started only last year , do you know anyone who gone through last year with this consultant ?and i am not sure how many are working with them. Do you guys know any other good consultants ?

Hi AlI,

My Visa was been processed by Heights 2014…I feel that I am happy to be with Heights since they take care of everything what I need once I come to US. I knew many people are working with Heights and they very genuine to share all details…LCA, Fedex courier, EAC number / TIN number etc…First of all they answer all your queries all through the year , not ONLY during visa application…Also they have very good end clients which they can be paid @ higher rate on C2C…If you still have questions they give the reference LCA and phone numbers who in Onboard and also yet to come to US…Send email to hr at heightsit dot com. You will get your reply in 24 hours…

HI All,
Anybody got any more information regarding HeightsIT.
@Rajasekhar:-could you please share your contact information.

@Rajasekhar - Please send me your contact information as I need to discuss something with you.

i guess rajashekar belongs to heightsit staff. Please try to ask contacts(before giving money) those who processed last year and try to meet them personally.
i didnt see rajashekar response from last 10 days.