GC Filing Location


My company is located in Boston but I work in a client location which is in another state. Question is, while company decides to place the Green Card Perm/Labour process where does the advertisement to be put up in Boston or to work location? So in which newspaper the Ad should run Boston or to my present working location’s newspaper?

These are the things that your employer/attorney should take care of. Why are you so much worried w/ all these questions? Legally, you should not be involved in all these phases of green card process as an employee.

PERM is requested for the location where your company is located. Not attached to your client location.

because when a company sponsors an employee for a GC the permanent job is with the company itself. they might make you work for a client(if its a consultancy or a vendor).

Hope this clears your confusion.

Hi Faheem,

Thanks for the update. One more quick question, in such case the AD Posting to newspaper and Govt job sites to be done in my present working state/location or to my company’s location where they are located?

Please suggest

Advertisement and job posting on notice board needs to be done where the company who is sponsoring you for a GC is located.