Full Time Student Status in GBC when joined in Season 2 ?


I confused regarding Full Time Student Status. To be a Full Time Student we need 6 Credit Hours per Semester in GBC university.

Fall Semester is effectively broken in to 2 seasons, International Students can join in Season 2 also.

If we join in Season 2., In our transcripts it shows as 3 credit hours which means Part Time Student for whole Fall Semester

As per University I am still a Full Time Student. Is University Correct regardign the F1 rules ?

In general, the university would not mess around with F1 rules, unless they are not listed in http://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/school-search , first check it.

If you are not sure, check with the DSO at GBC University the required number of credits or courses that you have to take to be in full time F1 Status.

Thank you Kumar… It’s a Accredited and Certified University.
As per the University and Adviser i am a full time student… I wanted to clarify this in forum.

Then you are good to go, don’t worry too much.