full-time as a student,f1 or h4? 9 course or 12 course? which is better in career perspective?

I’m planning to pursue MS in US for the fall intake for which I have planned to take my gre and toefl in the month of august and sep 2015 respectively. I will also be travelling to the U.s, with my husband via H4(dependant) by the end of this year.

I would like to focus completely on my career, where I am very much confused about the visa status, on which I should study, for a better career? I came to know that studying on H4 would cost low and that is the reason of choice of most of the people in H4 visa. Is that the only difference or the 9 couse and 12 course are also based upon this?

Could you please elaborate on the difference between f1 and h4?

How many semsters are included in the curriculum? I am also not clear on the overall curriculum of a full-time --the number of courses I should take take for a full-time, courses and credit hours per semester,–no idea about it at all… Could you please elaborate on this also…

(please explain more on F1- how many courses and semesters an f1 visa holder would choose )

Thanks in advance



Glad to hear you are planning well. I suggest you read Study MS in USA on H4 Visa Advantages and Disadvantages

Tycpically, the graudate program is based on either 32 or 34 credit based on school and program. Read Credits and courses in USA . The fees varies by the credits you take and tuition category either in-state or out-of-state.

You can complete your course in one year or two years, depending on the load you take. Typically students do Fall, Spring, Fall and Spring with breaks in summer doing about 3 courses or 9 credits per semster, which takes 2 years. Some do summer terms and graduate early…some go at high pace and complete in one year…So it all depends. There are many articles in our study in USA section. I suggest you read the articles in that section.