From L1B to H1B

Hi, I am currently working on L1B for few years now, and I have got my h1B petition approved a week back Oct’10. And I am in the process of job searching on H1B. Would like to know if I can continue on L1B till I get H1B job. Not sure how long I will have time to switch. Also does my H1B is active already and if so working on L1 B is a legit?

Also does my new H1B will be for 6 years from now or will be maxed out by considering my stay on L1B?


Consult your employer’s immigration lawyer and ask them if H1B was applied with change of status. If yes, then you already switched to H1B on the approval date.

All the L1B period you spent in the US will be counted against the H1B term of 6 years.

Thanks Kalpesh, But I am currently in notice period for 2 weeks. Will that be an issue.