From H1B to H4 COS (Pending) back to H1B

Folks, I need some guidance on checking out options for my current and future status.

  1. I was H1B for employer A till the end of June 2020 with a valid stamp till November 2021.
  2. As I couldn’t find a job by July end I filed for H4 COS with H4 EAD which as of Dec 17 is still pending.
  3. Now I have received a job offer from the same employer A who gave me the following options to get my new job started on H1B.
    a. Go out of the USA and come back to get new I-94 so that I can start immediately.
    b. File for H1B COS even H4 COS is pending. There is a high chance of getting an RFE.
    c. Get a new I94 on US border with Canda/Mexico.

Can you please guide what options should I go with?

Option A is the best option. The reason is you have valid visa and also you have job from same company.
Option B is not going to work as you do not have H4 approved, so it is tricky.
Option C is also risky as you do not had proper status now and valid I-94 on H4, so risky too…

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