Fresh I-20s after gettin Visa stamped for multiple years

I recently got F1 visa while my family got F2 stamped. Our initial plan was that my family will join me in Fall but due to initial settle down difficulty, we changed our plan that they will join a semester late or even after one year. When I told this change of plan to my US university, they told that the I20s issues to me and my family does not allow to travel at a later time and they must be issued a new dependent I-20. So I have few questions:

(1) Why can’t already issued I-20 can be used? I mean why not just a fresh travel signature will be enough for my dependnets instead of a fresh I20?

(2) If fresh I-20s are issued will it bear a new SEVIS ID? If so will it not be a problem because SEVID ID is printed on Visa as an annotation.

(3) Will my dependent need to go for fresh Visa interview in case they get new I-20s with new SEVIS IDs?


Here are my thoughts

1)Your DSO is the best person and they would proably have options in the system where they specify certain things. I dont know.  When any changes are done, they may be asked to issue fresh I20.  

2) It should not be a problem. please check out the [Northwestern Polytechnic University FAQs - Q34 ](  ( scroll down to the end of page ) , it address the same question and says you should be fine with different SEVIS numbers.

3) They do not need to go for visa interview again as you will be at the same university. You should check with your DSO for confiramtion on the same.